Work in the heart of Tokyo at a prime,
highly sought-after location in Nishi-Shinjuku

A 15-minute walk from
the South Exit of
Shinjuku Station


Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku
3-7-30 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023


From Shinjuku Station South Exit, take the underground passage to Exit 8. After exiting the underground, walk west on Koshu Kaido Avenue for approximatel 10 minutes.

* You can also take the SHINJUKU WE BUS (LOOP BUS) from the Shinjuku West Exit until you arrive in front of the Park Hyatt Tokyo (approximately 10 minutes). Click here for more details.

If you are arriving by car

There is a spacious self-propelled parking lot that can accommodate up to 32 cars. Large sized vehicles can be available.


Parking lot for cars
A self-propelled flat parking lot for cars is situated on the B2 and B3 levels of the building. Each spaces are spacious which large sized vehicles can also be accommodated, you can use your personal vehicle to comfortably commute to work.
Parking lot for bicycles
An indoor parking lot for bicycles featuring wall art can be found next to the first-floor entrance of the building. Since this facility is equipped with a card security system and security cameras, you can commute safely and securely by bicycle.


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