Cutting-edge work styles for which the appeal
of the Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku has been leveraged

Arrive at the office
Easily navigate your way through the streets of Shinjuku and arrive at work in style.
Jog in the gym
Jog in the morning to stay fit and physically primed for any challenge that comes your way.
Start a new day with
a refreshing shower
Start the day off on the right foot by taking a shower to rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically.
Participate in morning meetings
in the office
Meet clients
Hold productive meetings with clients in your company’s own office meeting room.
Grab a lunch
Enjoy a relaxing lunch at your company’s own office counter.
Take a coffee break in the business lounge
Savor a complimentary cup of authentic coffee in the first-floor business lounge.
Get work done in the office
Check documents in your company’s own office in anticipation of meetings to be held later in the afternoon.
Participate in online meetings
It is nice to know that a shared phone booth in the first-floor business lounge can be used if your company’s own office environment becomes a little too busy for online meetings.
Produce documents
Change seats and produce documents.
Establish your very own work style in accordance with your mood and situation without being tied down to a specific location in the office.
Meet with clients
Spacious semi-enclosed cubicles convey a sense of openness and promote lively conversations with clients.
Prepare for the next day
Wrap up your day’s work and prepare for what you will be doing the next day.
Time to enjoy yourself whether you are inside
or outside the Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku


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