Rejuvenate both mentally and physically

Upgrade your work and lifestyle with a method of rejuvenation most appropriate for you.

This building features a business lounge and café as well as a simulation golf studio, workout space, and other exciting features not found in conventional offices. A variety of different options are available depending on your specific plan.

Let your pets give you a boost whenever you are tired

The pet-friendly floor on the second floor of the building is a place that you can share with your pet. There are many cases in which the presence of pets both soothe the spirit and enhance workplace communications, which can lead to an acceleration of business.

A rooftop terrace for a breezy change of pace

An open-air rooftop terrace has been set up on the uppermost floor of the building. You can benefit from a change of pace during or after work by relaxing on the terrace with colleagues. The open space found here can help spur in-house communications. This rooftop terrace is available only for Premium Floor tenants.

Work up a sweat and rejuvenate your spirits or simply want to get more exercise

The workout area set up underground is fully equipped with treadmills and a punching bag and available at any time, either before or after work or during a lunch break. Since there is also a shower where towels are provided next to the workout area, you can work out and wash up before returning to work with a sense of renewed vigor. This facility is also popular with those who are concerned about getting enough exercise.

Relieve stress in the golf studio

Experience the latest in simulation golf in the golf studio located in the first basement level of the building. Since clubs are available for client use, feel free to drop in empty-handed. Between five o’clock in the afternoon and eleven o’clock in the evening, you can get to know your work colleagues better while enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two.

Cutting-edge work styles for which the appeal of the Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku has been leveraged


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