Work without restrictions in terms of time or place

Render operations more efficient by choosing the best way to work.

At a time when we see work styles undergo changes, we also see a focus on the increased efficiency of remote work outside of offices, such as work at home or in cafés. The Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku is fully equipped with features and systems designed for online meetings and desk work to be performed in an integrated environment.

Focus on work in a calm space

Office space leased on a contractual basis consists of a private space with a tranquil interior and the required equipment and communication systems along with other preinstalled features. This space is perfect for those who wish to focus on work without being distracted by company meetings and their surroundings. At this convenient location in the middle of Shinjuku, you can develop your business at your own pace in a relaxed manner.

Work calmly in a hotel-like space

The business lounge, which is available free of charge to office tenants, is a luxurious setting in the mold of a high-class hotel. Users can make use of this open-plan lounge as the mood dictates and savor the authentic coffee that can be obtained for free from the café corner.

Convene an online meeting in a private space

A phone booth that can be occupied at the same time by up to two people has been set up in the business lounge for online meetings that cannot be held in an office or anywhere else in the lounge or where telephone calls should be made in a quieter setting.

Have a meeting using a large-screen monitor

This building has a meeting room with the capacity for sixteen or more persons. This room is to be used by appointment only with invited clients or for meetings attended by a large number of people. The meeting room is equipped a beverage cooler and a large screen monitor that can be linked to a screen mirroring app to share screen.

Cutting-edge work styles for which the appeal of the Frontier Grand Nishi-Shinjuku has been leveraged


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